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A Chipmunk's Tale

Where’s all this dust coming from? Good grief. I’d better shut the windows.

            The backhoe in the field behind the house was not only making a racket, it was stirring up the dust sifting through the open windows. Irritating. But as my husband says, things often get worse before they …

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Dear Ralph

I am Ralph's sister Jerilyn. We are 2 years apart in age, and we grew up on the same bush, as close as a thorn and a rose. Of course, he was the thorn, and I am the rose.

Cheryl asked me if I would say a few words today about childhood memories of Ralph, and I found a copy of a note I put in his bi…

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A few months before I retired from teaching, I decided I would like to have a dog. A smaller adult female, already housetrained, would be perfect for me, I thought. I saw a picture of a 3 year old female dog in the classifieds, and although I was unfamiliar with the breed (papi…

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