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Born to wealth and privilege in northern Georgia after the Civil War, Mattie returns from a fashionable school in Baltimore to her home at Oak Hill. She plans to marry her childhood sweetheart, but double tragedy turns her life upside down and sends her on an unmapped quest to find purpose and happiness.

One day, she is visited by three ragged boys who open her eyes to the needs of the people dwelling in the coves and hollows of Lavendar Mountain, but her efforts to help them are met with scorn and rejection from her neighbors and even her family. Only her young cousin Sophie stands by her as she struggles to bring literacy to the children of rural Georgia.


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  • Just scheduled:  Book reading and signing at Miss May's Creative Learning Store in Mount Vernon on July 26. I'll be reading Bishop and the Kangaroo to preschoolers at 5:15
  • My new historical novel, "On Lavendar Mountain" is available now. You can see the preview at      Take a look, and give me a "like" if you do. And if you want to order one or more, let me know. I hope to announce a book release and signing party soon.                                                                                                 
  • August 11: Hip, hip, hooray! My books were delivered today. Now I can get them signed and sent to all who have already ordered. If you want a signed copy, go to the Guestbook page and use the form to send me an email - I'll get right back to you for a details exchange.
  • Wednesday, October 6th at 9:30 I will be reading "Bishop and the Kangaroo" at Arlington Christian School. I will also have copies of my novels there. Inviting all curious readers to stop by!

About Desert Breeze...

Desert Breeze is the publisher of my two novels, "The Canterbury Question" and "On Lavendar Mountain." Click on the link for a review of their company and a bit about how they work.




The Canterbury Question

Reared in a New England Quaker family in the early 1800’s, Prudence is ahead of her time regarding education of females. When she opens an academy for “young ladies of color,” the town is thrown into an uproar. 

One man in particular is determined to run her out of the state, but despite a campaign of persecution and underhanded legal tricks, she stands firm against him. In the midst of the turmoil, she falls in love with the widowed father of one of her former pupils, and though longing to be his wife, she is unwilling to put personal happiness ahead of her calling. 

When her neighbors’ hostility escalates into a night of terror, she must make a decision that will not only change her own future but will impact the history of America.

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Bishop and the Kangaroo

Meet Bishop, an adventure-loving boy who wears his favorite green boots wherever he goes. They slide on his feet easy as can be, and quick as a flash he is ready to go. Grab your boots and come along with him to the Outback Kangaroo Farm!

Enjoy the first book in the Bishop's Boots series!


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